Risa Wagner


I am SO happy to serve as your 2020-2021 Regional President. I’ve been in Pinwheel since I was a 6th grade Kadima kid and I’ve loved every second! This region is such a big part of my life. Last year, I was regional SATO, and it made my love for this amazing region and USY so much greater! I love stepping off the bus at convention and immediately making new friends. I’d love to chat and meet all of you so please click the icon below!

Edee Polyakovsky

Programming VP

I am so excited to be serving as the Pinwheel Exec this year! USY has been a huge part of my life since 8th grade, when I first fell in love with USY as a Kadimanik at my 8th Grade RC. Since then I’ve made so many USY memories and I can’t wait to make more this year! I’ve been on the Seattle Nimratz chapter board and Pinwheel RGB for the past two years and I’m so excited to be on the regional board for the first time this year. If you want to share your ideas, need help planning programs, or want a leadership opportunity at a convention, please email me.

Josh Weinrobe

Israel Affairs Vp

I can’t wait to serve you this year on board. I have been part of this amazing region since I started Junior Kadima in 3rd grade. I have had so many amazing experiences in USY and met so many amazing people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Last year I was the Israel Affairs vice president and I am so excited to continue this role. USY conventions are always the highlights of my year and I can’t wait to have more amazing conventions and programs this year. If you need to reach me click on the icon below!

Talya Yancey

Religion/Education VP

I am so excited to be your regional Rel/Ed this year! I love all things jewish and teaching is one of my biggest passions. This year I hope to bring you many amazing rel/ed programs at conventions and through tefillah bytes. I can’t wait to see you all at convention running service, ruach, slouch, sicot, and more. I’m so honored to be serving a second term! Feel free to email me by clicking the icon below.

Zoe Lemchen

Social Action/
Tikkun olam VP

I’m ecstatic to be your regional Social Action and Tikkun Olam (SA/TO) Vice President this year! I’ve been part of USY since 8th grade. I’ve had so much fun and have so many memories from USY. I’ve met so many new people through USY and I can’t imagine my life without having met them. Last year I was regional Exec and I’m so excited to put my love for Pinwheel in another direction. If you have any questions or ideas about SA/TO programming, or just want to talk about social issues, click the icon below!

Syringa Barenti

membership/Kadima VP

I’m so excited to be your Membership Kadima vice president! I have been a part of USY since I started Kadima in 8th grade. I have had so many amazing experiences being in USY and I can’t wait to have so many more! I have made some of my best friends at conventions and I’m so excited to see what this next year will bring. I was chapter Mem/Kad for Spokane Adir for the past two years, this year will be my first on regional board but I think it will be amazing. If you have any ideas, or need to contact me, click the icon below!

Robbie Baker

Communications VP

I am pumped to serve as your 2020/2021 Communications VP on REB! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing region and connect to the rest of the USY COMMunity. I hope to spread the same ruach and love I have for USY to each and every USYer. I always love conventions and can’t wait to have you part of our next one. I want to get to know you and welcome you to our COMMunity so reach out to me by clicking the icon below!


Darren Klein

Branch Director

Danit Rothstein

Engagement director